Alfred Sisley

From comfortable beginnings as the son of a successful English businessman in Paris, Alfred Sisley story is one of tragic decline and late success. After the crash of his father company, Sisley and his family were reduced to a state of penury which persisted almost to the end of his life when throat cancer killed him at the age of sixty. Part of Sisley's lack of wordily success is mainly due to subdued and unspectacular landscapes which were his almost exclusive preoccupation. Had he been interested in the colorful effects of dazzling sunlight or violent seascapes he may have enjoyed more attention that the belated admiration of a small number of collectors.

Painting by Alfred Sisley: Avenu of chestnut trees 1867 Misty Morning 1874 Moret-Sur-Loing 1891 Rue de la machine Louvenciennes 1873 Canal, Flood.